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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 13, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best stories and videos from the web, "right this minute." here's something you don't see everybody day. not a surfing thing, it's an ocean rescue. >> let's just eat this thing. >> the story of saving salty the
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pig. >> countdown. 10, 9, 8 -- >> you just know what's coming. >> good thing he remembered to hit record. because that would be a real buzz-kill. >> this may be the feel-good story of the day. >> in a wheelchair doesn't mean you can't go out and enjoy life. >> the inspiring friendship of alex and raoul. and signs of the apocalypse in one of the oddest videos we've ever seen. >> they're going to use meteors, lightning bolts and turtles and snakes. >> never fear, the snake dance may save us all. steven is going to get things started for us today with some rescue footage and the story behind it. >> yep. pigs can't fly, but apparently they can swim. look at this video. a cruise boat was a mile off the coast from the big island of
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hawaii. kaleua. they were taking people to a snorkel destination when people said, wait a minute, that's a pig in the water. keep in mind, a mile off the coast. >> oh, my gosh. >> billy armeho, who is a lifegua lifeguard, he jumps in the water with his board and he goes after this thing. now, they guessed that the pig was just too close to the shoreline, fell in the water and sort of just floated out to sea. and you see billy going after the thing, and it wasn't easy, because the pig is doing his best doggy paddle, which i guess you could call a piggy paddle. eventually, billy is able to sort of lasso the pig and then tow him back to the boat. >> i think this pig was tired of being called a little piggy, and he was out exercising. he's trying to trim down his waistline. >> maybe. >> he was trying to get away from one of the famous pig barbecues. the hero of this day was, of course, the lifeguard, billy armeho and he's joining us to
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talk to us. how long do you think that little guy was out there treading water before you saved him? >> i think he probably fell in at night which is why he didn't swim back to land, and started paddleling so it could have been a couple hours. he was exhausted when we got him on the body. he just laid there. >> tell us about the rescue. >> wild boars have tusks, so i didn't want him to get me with his tusks or bite me. tried to keep my hands away from the sharp parts and pull it back. >> did anybody say, let's just eat this thing. >> oh, yeah. >> hey, it's already salted. >> lots of that. >> no, you couldn't have rescued it and then have it for lunch. >> they figured that salty had been through enough, didn't get eaten by any sharks, so we figured she deserved to live. >> where is this piggy now? >> we named her salty and put her on one of the rescue boards when we got to our snorkel site and paddled in and let her go. >> did she look back and give you a bench of gratitude?
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>> i like to think so. >> the island paradise of hawaii got socked by severe weather this past weekend. this is a water spot near the n enchanted lakes area of hawaii. >> huge water spout. wondering if we shut take cover. >> you'll see the twisting air get more intense and really start to spray out water. water spouts don't suck water up out of the water. we're seeing condensation from the wind itself. the islands that you see off the coast here out of this home video is mocha lua island, commonly known as the moches. look at it coming around the moch. >> you see the water spout intensify, and pretty much wrap right around the mocha lua islands. >> oh, see the lightning? >> when it hit landfall, it turned into a tornado, which is very rare for hawaii. not the way we're used to seeing hawaii. >> was there any damage, was
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anyone hurt by this tornado? >> i haven't heard any reports of any injuries in this, but here's some of the damage. >> oh, my god. that car port is destroyed. >> that thing used to be a carport. >> about 60 to 70 mile an hour winds, which isn't a strong tornado, a pretty weak tornado by mainland standards. >> oh, look, their roof got ripped. >> they did have about 45 minutes of golf ball-size hail reported after this tornado came through. >> oh, poor people. you're wondering, what's going on? it's a bunch of people sitting around and some of them are screaming and yelling, right? tattooappens uring the magic every march in thailand at the buddhist temple. the video we're watching was filmed by poagr.
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this is a buddhist tradition where followers go to this temple to be tattooed with a magical tattoo that they believe has powers. to protect them from harm, from evil, and even a speeding bullet. >> why are people like running around like they're animals? >> after they get tattooed, all these people gather in front of the temple to have their tattoos blessed by the monks. these followers begin to be possessed by the energy of the image tattooed on their body. so, for example, if someone is tattooed with the i beliemage o tiger, they will act like a tiger. >> so do these people come every year and get a different tattoo? >> if you don't want anymore, you can have your tattoo recharged. the monk tattooing uses this ink made with snake venom, herbs and cigarette ash. >> that sounds like a weird
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combination of stuff to inject in your body. >> you're seeing this person rubbing his ears. if you rub the person's ears that's been possessed, they apparently come back to. part of the tradition is that whoever is tattooed has to abstain from drinking, stealing, lying and drugs. so if they really stick to their teachings and traditions, this is just caused by the euphoria of this festival and the meaning behind it. >> countdown. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 -- >> this is the demolition of the rich boro power station near sandwich, england. and watch what happens. >> ooh. >> oh, cool. >> this power station was built in the late 1950s. it would burn coal fuel. the demolition was 18 months in the planning, and what's going to happen is the power that's
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created there will go from a big power line under the water over to europe to feed them energy. thousands of people lined up, just to watch this, because it was a big marker in town. and the guy who shot this video got there at 4:00 a.m., and the demolition was at 9:00. it took less than a minute for this all to happen. >> good thing he remembered to hit record. because that would be a real buzz-kill. if you notice how they fall, it's cool. it kind of falls straight down and once they get close to the bottom, they almost like curl in. and it splits, too. the last power to go has the one side go out and you see it split up the middle. >> and if you notice, it's like two or three seconds apart that these things go down. >> amazing. absolute absolutely.
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what's about to happen? >> the car in front starts to slide sideways, the guy hits the brakes. ah -- >> you're going to have to wait and see. and it's what goes on when the boss isn't watching that can make the workday fun. >> right about here is when i started to think, this guy might actually be crazy. >> ooh. >> another -- >> yeah, crazy, right? stick around to see what he does next.
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i've got two videos for you. and they're both going to make you go -- so hang on. the desk gripper. normally when i say -- it's usually something bad. but these two videos come out all right. the car in front starts to slide sideways, hit the brakes and ah!
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the guy is like -- >> what a scary situation. i can see why he's -- >> yeah. but watch the driver in the car. good old thumbs up. >> i love that no one got hit, no one got hurt, the guy just backs up, go along their merry way. >> the driver may have pulled a muscle, though, like slamming on the brake for as long as he did. >> or strained his neck muscles. >> here's a different video, similar results. steven, you always say, people go too fast. >> that guy is flying. >> the guy in the redar even faster, gets completely out of >> keeps going?e black ns >> keeps going. >> what? >> that was like an ice skating move. ♪ you know what it sounds like in that red car right now? like it did in the first video.
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>> that was really weird. >> i don't know what that was. i have the feel-good, make you so glad that you're human and you're alive video of the day. ♪ until you dream >> the two guys you're seeing in this video are alex angeli and raoul and they're in california. raoul is the man in the wheelchair, because he has muscular dystrophy and alex is the friend who is pushing him and taking him on this outdoor adventure. he carries him through a great deal of this hike, because he wanted raoul to be able to
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experience this beautiful part of nature, and it wasn't really wheelchair accessible. and the smile on raouls face is -- it's so beautiful. >> it takes a really special person to do that. >> now, alex is actually a classroom aide. specializing in auto 'tis particular children. and we actually have both of then via skype right this minute from pomona, california. >> raoul have known each other for i would say about a year now. he is an amazing artist and i ended up going to one of his art shows. and that's where we met. and from there, basically our love for the arts and our love for nature just kind of took off. and we started going to botanical gardens and stuff like that and realized, know what, we can do better than this. >> raoul, what does this friendship and this kind of activity, what does it mean to you? >> it means the world to me. it's awesome, because otherwise i would have thought this was impossible. i didn't even have that on my agenda at all. so it was scary, but fun.
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>> it was a surprise? >> yeah. i thought we were just going to look at the desert and stuff. when he took me out of the chair, i was like, are you kidding me? we're going to die. >> just because you're in a wheelchair, it doesn't mean you can't go out and enjoy life however you can. >> i think it was cool that -- even for people who aren't wheelchair, just to get out and shake the dust off your buns and do something. this is spike, and he is setting out -- >> to prove how the mimes are going to destroy the world in 2012. >> yeah, that. but don't worry, he's got a special dance to scare those mimes away. and we're showing it to you, next. >> i think it's awesome. and this motorcyclist got
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a -- >> stunt. >> the wheelie workout you just don't want to miss. [ clanking ]
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contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities call at 800-974-6006 tty/v. that's only from verizon. guys, i really like the youtube description of this next video. just some fun we had whilst at work. whilst. >> basically this guy jumping over all kinds of stuff while at
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his job which looks like a home and garden center. not that impressive, right? i'm sure his bosses wouldn't be happy to see this video, guys jumping all over merchandise as this video goes on. >> whilest the video is going on. >> right about here is when i started to think this guy might actually be crazy. he is now jumping over aisles from like stacks, shelving to shelving. which that's like a six or seven-foot gap. watch this one. even further, he jumps from one shelving unit to -- >> oh! that. he was right on the edge. >> i do like this. standing broad jump into a big cardboard box and then just disappeared. >> i'm sure this guy needs to be do something beyond working at a home and garden store. he needs to try out for a traveling sir kicircus. >> yeah, he could be a good carney. >> so i think i've done it,
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found one of the weirdest videos on the internet. let me point out this is being shot in the desert of utah. >> hey, guys, meet spike. and today i'm hitting the deserts of utah to prove how the mimes are going to destroy the world in 2012. this is important for you guys to watch, i love you. >> he loves us. that's why he's making this video, to protect us. pay attention to spike's attire. >> this is how a mime would have to navigate the deserts across all of the hurdles and jumps. >> so he's in the blue speedo, shooting the whole thing through a fish eye lens. i think spike is a little confused about the mayans. >> they disappeared off the face of the planet in 1842. and they swore at that time in the year 2012 they're going to come back, and they're going to battle jesus for the souls of everyone on the planet. and they're going to use meteors, lightning bolts, and
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turtles and snakes. >> i didn't know it was a jesus versus mayans kind of thing. >> the great thing about spike, because the mayans are coming to battle jesus with snakes and turtles, he's going to show us how we can protect ourselves. >> i want everyone to do a snake dance and put it on youtube so we can show the mayans we're not afraid of them. snake dance. ♪ stay away mayans you will not come out ♪ >> i love that snake dance. i think it's awesome. do you have a snake dance? >> no. how do you follow something like that? ♪ stay away mayans stay away mayans snake dance snake dance ♪ >> i got the latest workout fad and i love it because it incorporates exercise and motorcycles.
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>> new stunt, new stunt, new stunt. >> is that the jaws theme music? >> it's jaws theme music and this guy carrying around a 150-pound barbell. >> i think that's maybe sty row people foam. >> and pointed over? >> i agree. here he is on one wheel. >> oh, god, no way. >> no hands. ♪ >> no. >> i will say, the balance and the poise impressive, definitely not real weights. >> no. >> but you're right. it's pretty impressive this guy can hold the wheelie without any hands, no handlebars, bench pressing. this 150 pounds. >> 150 pounds are about as real as the muscles this guy has in that muscle jacket. ♪ >> i want his number. he's so strong. look at those muscles hmmm,
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hmmm, hmmm. ♪ the cinnamon challenge is so yesterday. >> but there's a new challenge on the way. >> yeah. >> we've got the ingredients for the new spoonful swallowing trend. >> gross.
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developing story, i'm swoop
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swoo -- kelly swoope. baltimore county police said james hayward stand andrew fisher to death in his randallstown home sunday night. we'll have much more on the primaries at 5:00 and 6:00. gas prices up again after a brief break. the national average for national average is $3.81. in some places it's already over $4 a gallon. a beautiful day outside. wyatt will have a look at of the forecast at 5:00 and 6:00. keep it here. we're minutes away from the news at 5:00. to go further than that. the cinnamon challenge is so
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yesterday. the new one is the baking soda vinegar challenge. >> oh, no. that's how you make those volcanos in fourth grade. >> yeah. >> start eating the baking soda, and like the cinnamon challenge and then hurry and try toel swallow everything. >> well, this is teddy, and he has a youtube channel where he does all kinds of crazy challenges. in this case, he's doing the baking soda and apple cider vinegar challenge. >> 3, 2, 1. >> gross. >> oh, now he's just going to have a foamy mouth. >> he's going to look like -- he's got rabies. >> look at his reaction. >> oh. gross.
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this is worse than the cinnamon challenge. >> you generally use this chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar to launch rockets, to do your volcano in elementary school. it's just to try to use your mouth as the conduit of this -- >> projectile? >> projectile. >> i think we'll do anything for youtube fame. thank goodness. >> yeah, we love him. >> i wonder if you did swallow this, would you have the same reaction if it was mixed with stomach acid. >> teddy does all kinds of challenges. he also did one with men toes and diet coke. and if you want to see that, head over to our website, >> that's going to do it for this edition of "right this minute." we're so glad you joined us. we have one more video, called flying the airbus. enjoy it. see you tomorrow, everyone. ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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less than four weeks left in the sesmghts republicans -- in the session and republicans have offered up their budget. it seems the casino is really paying off. how the town is reaping the benefits. another beautiful day, 95 and 695 west. a picture perfect day. looks like we skipped over spring into summer. good evening. the big question tonight is how long will this stretch of warm weather continue? let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. it's almost guaranteed through the last d


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